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Quaker Community

...Walk In The Light...

Religious Society Of Friends
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This is a community for anyone who is a member or attender of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), or just anyone who's interested in Quakerism.

Here we can talk about the Quaker testimonies and Quaker process, announce events, or just chat with other cool people.

The webpage listed is a page that helps you find meetings near you, in the USA and Canada. Another helpful site is quaker.org, a list of links to lots of different Quaker websites.

A few guidelines
~Be nice to people.
~This is a public internet forum. That means you should take caution when posting personal information, such as full name or contact info. Also, please refrain from posting anyone else's info without their permission.
~All videos or large images need to go behind an lj-cut.
~Try not to make one-liner posts, off topic posts about how much you love kittens, or posts linking to articles someone else has already put up earlier in the day. Comments don't have to be like that, but posts should be relevant, not too repetitive, and otherwise not spam.
~Also, please read this before posting.

The maintainers of this community are currently catharine, pepperedmoth, and mcsokrates. Contact them with any problems.