jeanne_d_arc (jeanne_d_arc) wrote in quakers,

Reminder: Talk Like a Quaker Day

Just a Friendly reminder that tomorrow, 24th day of Tenth Month, 2007, the Fourth Day of the week, is International Talk Like a Quaker Day. Be sure to use "thee" instead of "you" and "thy" instead of "your."

Some examples:
"Truly, thee is a weighty Friend." (This is actually a compliment and not a comment on your weight).

"This is not in keeping with the Peace Testimony."

"I propose that we form a committee to properly season this idea of Talk Like a Quaker Day and whether it is appropriate to have it take place on William Penn's Birthday and UN Day."

My wife says that Quaker-speak means not talking at all for an hour and then not being quiet at all during Business Meeting. My wife also wanted to know if there were ever Quaker pirates, since this will be like International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I said the only one I knew of was Obediah of Nantucket.

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